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Before contacting us about MQL Programming we recommend that you go through our frequently asked questions list. You will find answers to the most common questions on this page and save yourself some time.

Questions and answers about our Expert Advisor Programming

Q) Why should I use your Expert Advisor Programming services?
A) Our Business model is based on Quality, Service, and Support. Your EA is guaranteed to work exactly as stated in your requirements.

Q) What are the rates for your Expert Advisor Programming services?
A) If your Expert Advisor falls into the 2 to 40 hour range then the rate is 50USD per hour. If it is a large project the hourly rate will be lowered.

Q) How long will it take to get my Expert Advisor programmed?
A) In most cases the Expert Advisor is programmed in less than 72 hours.

Q) How do I pay for your Expert Advisor Programming services?
A) We receive almost all payment methods (PayPal, Skrill, Credit Card, Debit Cards and Wire Transfers).

Q) Do you offer a guarantee on your EA Programming work?
A) There is a 100% Guarantee that your Expert Advisor will work exactly as stated in your requirements.

Q) Will you agree to signing a Non Disclosure Agreement?
A) We can supply you with our NDA or you can submit your own NDA for both parties to sign.

Q) What are the exact steps in acquiring your EA Programming services?
A) Here is a break down of the Expert Advisor Programming process:

  1. A potential Client will contact us asking for a quotation. We then ask them to explain the requirements for their EA. The requirements has the complete details as to what they would like programmed.
  2. Once we go over the requirements we will determine how much time it will take and give you a quoted price. This price will also include some necessary backtesting to make sure everything is working correctly.
  3. After the Client agrees to our price, the amount must be paid in full before we proceed with any coding work. In some cases, on large projects, the payment will be broken into several seperate payments.
  4. Once the EA is programmed, the Expert Advisor is sent to the Client for them to test. Any errors on our part are fixed free of charge and any change requests or new functionality are subject to additional charges.


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