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From the creators of #1 trading robot in the market (Wall Street Forex robot) a team of highly experienced Forex traders gives you the next best automatic trading robot. This EA Was designed especially for the GBP\USD pair and comes in a special edition for 4 other pairs.  It is completely automatic and gives the best results for professional traders and beginners.

Forex Diamonds comes with many features here are the TOP features. 

  1. Three Completely independent trading systems in one EA
  2. High Trading frequency
  3. Self updating algorithm
  4. High spread protection
  5. 40+ Recovery factor
  6. High slippage protection
  7. Profit protection system

Forex diamond achieve great profits by using three veteran strategies which are implemented into the system

Strategy 1 – Utilizing its Trend-Retrace signal strategy to execute profitable trades, the system will patiently await for all signals and conditions to appear and execute trades after total confirmation.

Strategy 2 – Trend reversal strategy by using countered trend, once opportunity is detected the Forex diamond EA will dynamically adjust all parameters to maximize the profit.

Strategy 3 –  Countertrend scalping is a strategy which allows you to take leverage on small spread trades.

The best thing about the Forex diamond EA is that you may choose to use all three strategies or just one of them giving you Total user control.

Alongside the 3 strategies we implemented Key trading tools in the EA’s to maximize performance

Rapid market trading levels – The EA will automatically sets trades to take full advantage of the volatility of the market. You can use this tool automatically or set it to follow specific strategies you implement.

Spread protection – In Highly volatile markets the opportunity for profit is changing rapidly and only if you EA will execute smart trades in a split of a seconds will you be able to profit from volatile markets, many fear trading in times of high volatility but OUR spread protection feature alongside the three strategies assures High profit trades.

Self Updating – Market changes all the time, the EA is updating its conditions according to the market, so it is always working properly and stays up to date.