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Forex Indicators

Using some custom made Expert Advisor Indicators or Oscillators can really take your trading to a whole new level! If you have an idea for a Expert Advisor Indicator, we can program it.

MetaTrader Expert Advisor Indicators and Oscillators!

Our services also include the programming of custom market indicators. It’s best to pick Expert Advisor Indicators and Oscillators that complement each other and are not based on the same price data. For example, having two or three EA Indicators based on a symbols closing price will tend to confirm each other. While Expert Advisor Indicators programmed to calculate on closing price, volume and trading range will often conflict and they are going to be that much more accurate for trade confirmation. Here are a few examples of the Expert Advisor Indicators and Oscillators we can program for your EA.

Momentum Indicators

Rate Of Change (Price)
Negative Volume
Positive Volume
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Smoothed Rate of Change (SROC)
Coppock Indicator
TRIX Indicator

Moving Average Oscillators

MACD Histogram
Commodity Channel Index
Detrended Price Oscillator
Stochastic Oscillator

Trend Indicators

Directional Movement
Parabolic SAR

MA Volatility Indicators

Bollinger Bands

Moving Average Systems

Single Moving Average
Two Moving Averages
Three Moving Averages
Trading with Moving Averages
Multiple Moving Averages
Rainbow 3D Moving Averages

Range Oscillators

Williams %R
Williams Accumulation Distribution
Elder Ray Index
Mass Index
Slow Stochastic
Stochastic Indicator
Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF)

Money Flow Indicators

Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Oscillator
Accumulation Distribution
Money Flow Index
Twiggs Money Flow

Volume Indicators

Rate of Change (Volume)
Volume Oscillator

Price Volume Indicators

Price Volume Trend
Force Index
On Balance Volume

Range Volume Indicators

Equivolume Charts
Ease of Movement

Range Volatility Indicators

Volatility Ratio
Volatility Ratio – Schwager
Average True Range
Chaikin Volatility