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filter mt4 trades when copying between accounts

Local trade copier software can filter between two accounts while copying their trades, pending orders and market orders in real time and in matter of seconds, thios page will answer some of the questions and issues related to these filter features

Can your trade copier filter trades when copying them between MT4 accounts?

Yes, The MT4 trade copier we developed includes many filters you can apply. You can chose to filter by a lot size, magic number, master number and currency pair. You can choose by applying that, to copy only specific group of trades and have unique settings on specific slave accounts.

How does your trade copier adjust settings of trade received by a slave account?

There are many settings on the Client’s EA you can apply, setting the lot size, the stopping loss levels or other usefull filters. You can adjust the levels and settings on your master account and they will be copied completely to all of the slave accounts connected with it, giving you full control not only to specific groups of trades or filters but to the general trading of your accounts.

Can I Filter Trades Using a Magic Number?

If you are using multiple sources for trades that are coming to your master account you may filter them using a specific magic number, that way only the trades that match the magic number will be copied.

Is it Possible to Exclude Trades Using a Magic Number?

Yes, You can exclude trades with the magic number filter, you’ll need to set different magic numbers to different account and if you want to exclude trades from a certain EA, simply use the magic number.

Filtering Trades by a Master MT4 Account Number

If you wish to get trades to several slave accounts from many different master accounts or just copy to one slave account multiple master accounts trades, this feature is a very good solution for you, it is working by filtering the master account number, and you may enter as many masters account you want by using comma’s to separate them. Meaning you can put: 122,497,475,239; and the client EA will receive trades only from those account numbers.

Can I Filter Trades by Lot Size? 

Our trade copier also lets you filter trades based on lot size. You will find this feature very helpful while copying Martingale Forex robots.

Here’s a scenario.

Your Martingale EA starts trading with the lot size of 0.1, keeps doubling it, and trades get closed in loss in the following sequence: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, etc. In this case, you can set your Client EA to not receive trades with the lot size lower than 0.4. As a result, the first two loser trades will not be copied and you avoid losing money. In addition to the lot multiplier setting, you can set your Client EA to start the trade sequence at 0.1. This will greatly reduce your possibility of losing money. Also, Client EAs can be set to ignore lot sizes that are too small or too big.

Please Explain the Currency Name Filtering and Exclude List

Our trade copier program allows you to choose the currency pair trades that you would want to receive for your slave account. In this flexible filter, you can set multiple pairs for trading by entering a comma separated list of pair names. Also, you can make use of the exclude-list in which you can enter pair names that you do not want to trade.

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