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Forex Programming

We Offer Forex Programming Services

Forex Programming are a set of computer programming methods to have computers doing trading activity on behalf of a forex trader on the forex markets. Forex Traders will come up with Forex Trading Strategies that are great, but require constant monitoring of the markets to find the perfect opportunity to realize those strategies and this is when Forex Programming comes into play. Our team of Forex Engineers will read carefully to your request with the strategy you have been elaborating and your great Forex Programming ideas and will get this Forex Trading ideas to the Forex Markets in record time, with our Forex Programming systems and tools. Our systems and tools are the best on the markets and ensure flawless execution of your Forex trading ideas. Our Engineers have years of Experience in Forex Programming and know everything about best ways to program your Entry Strategies with Buy, Sell, Pending orders, Market Orders, Stop Orders, Price Action, Indicators, Custom Indicators, Standard Indicators, Trade Filters, Pattern Recognition Systems, and everything else related to Forex Programming.

Programming Forex Robots and Expert Advisors (EA)

Best way to start with Forex Programming is to keep it simple and Grow big, When you are writing a requirement to have Forex Programming done for you, by our Forex Programming Engineers, you should write your specifications of your Trading Idea as clear as possible and use numbers and indicators of your choice to describe the precise moment when you want the Forex Program to execute actions like Buy, Sell, Screen, watch, Send Alerts or whatever you want your Forex Program to do for you. Once you have one good strategy already implemented, then is the best moment to grow big, by implementing other strategies into the same forex program, for simultaneous execution or by programming your forex program to scan for similar situation in multiple forex pairs or by improving the money management part of your forex program or any other ideas you can come up with.

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When you are describing your forex strategy, it is very important to bear in mind that your Forex Program can ONLY look to the left side of a chart where the past time is represented and NEVER to the right side of the chart, because that would be like looking into the future while taking a Trading Decision with your trading strategy. Future can be forecasted, but never seen at the present moment. 

Here is a Example:

Forex Programming
Forex Programming

The current bar (or Candlestick)  is always called bar 0 (or Candlestick zero) this bar 0 represents the current time in forex programming and it is still not completely formed , meaning it can still change over time, it may start as a bear candle and might end up as a bull candle, no one knows. Then we get to bar number 1, with is actually, the first completely formed bar, it will never change, once it is closed, it is set in stone and anyone can now see it as it will stand forever. Same happens with bar 2, 3, and all others. In Forex Programming, one common mistake some traders do, while being coached by bad coaches is to look to the right side and say:”You could have bought here and sold there”, AFTER seeing the bars to the right… Well… Putting it bluntly, no one can see the future…. And really the best way to have a decent forecast is by using Forex Programming to BACK TEST a Trading Idea, and this is why you’re in the right place. Our Team of engineers is the best in the market and will make sure to understand your trading idea very clearly and using Forex Programming, will deliver a Perfect Back Testing and Optimization Tools for your trading strategy.

Forex Trading Programming Language

In order to program forex robots and scripts, one must have skills in a prior coding language of any kind. Most of the forex programming is done with MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4) due to the popularity of Metatrader 4 with many traders and brokers around the world.

Other than MQL4 you have MQL5 for Metatrader 5 and usually Forex programming will require coding skills in JSON, Java, or C#.

As complex the forex programming needs as do the various API coding languages that might be useful.

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Forex Programming Questions and Answers

How to describe your forex strategy to a programmer?

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