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New local trade copier v2.1 released

I am proud to announce that the new Local Trade Copier v2.1 program has been released on July 29th of 2013. I have been working hard for the last 12 months on this piece of software and finally it is available for every individual trader or Forex account manager, specially for those who want to become an independent managers and copy trades between MT4 platforms on different brokers. There are many new features available including revolutionary trade filtering by time ranges using on-screen rectangle objects.

Also i am very excited that my new LTC v2.1 is the first EA-based trade copier in industry that allows to filter trades by MT4 indicators. This allows you to create your own software that can control LTC to copy or not copy trades for certain pairs in real time by using Global Variables.

We are proud to announce the Local trade copier V2.1 software has been officially released. In the new version we did a revolutionary act, we are the first in the industry to allow you to filter using indicators and on screen rectangle objects. This allows you to decide whether to copy certain trades in real time. And is perfect for account managers or those who are want   to be an independent forex trader.

What’s new in Local Trade Copier v2.1?

  • Client EA and Server EA now can alert when a new trade is opened/copied or closed.
  • LTC Manager license now works on up to 2 master accounts and an unlimited number of slave accounts
  • LTC Personal license now works on up to 2 slave accounts and an unlimited number of master accounts
  • Ability to delay pending orders for a specified number of seconds on client end.
  • Emergency stop loss.
  • External Trader Filter Indicators for Client EA.
  • Ability to copy old trades from the master account that are in loss or profit already.
  • More options to manipulate stop loss and take profit values
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum stop loss value.
  • Ability to ignore trades with a stop loss value that is too big or too small.
  • Trade filtering by multiple time ranges.
  • Ability to control if RiskRatioServer money management use master/slave account equity or balance for calculating lot sizes.
  • Ability to control actual trade entry/exit slippage in pips.
  • Special take profit and stop loss treatment for US accounts when multiple positions on the same currency pair are allowed to have the same SL/TP only.
  • Client EA is now more secure with the ability to stop when account equity drops below certain amount of money (deposit currency) or percentage.
  • Stop loss in money (deposit currency).
  • Adjustable sync rate. Default is now set at 400 ms.
  • Ability to close all trades when account equity reaches certain amount of profit in money (deposit currency).
  • Better auto-suffix detection for currency pair names.
  • You can set Client EA to wait for trade TP/SL to be hit instead of closing them together with the master.
  • Various bug fixes.

If you already have a license of Local Trade Copier please login to EA Coder download center to download latest version. And if you do not have this software yet, get free 30-day trial version now and test the Local Trade Copier