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Programming Services

MQL Programming

We offer various types of MetaTrader Programming services that are mostly related to the MT4 and MT5 Platform but our services also include programming in C, C++, Java, and the FIX Protocol for ECN Forex Brokers.

MetaTrader Programming Services

Our MetaTrader Programming Services can provide you with a completely custom and Automated Trading System. The design and implementation of your strategy is programmed exactly to your specifications. Development of Expert Advisors and Indicators for use with the MT4 Trading Platform is our main service but we also develop Expert Advisor Indicators, Scripts, and DLL Libraries.

Here are just a few of the features that can be built into your Automated Expert Advisor Trading System:

  • Statistical Data Modeling – This is a unique feature that can be applied for the forecasting of a particular Currency.
  • Scalping Systems – Forex scalping can be very profitable for traders who decide to use it as their primary strategy.
  • Money Management – The lot size of a trade can be determined as a percentage of account equity or a constant amount.
  • Lot Size Compounding – Increase your position based on the trend and amount of profit in the trade. This is a very powerful strategy.
  • Maximum Order Limit – Controls how many orders are running at any given moment.
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit – Fixed stop loss and take profit settings to protect the equity in the account.
  • Trailing Stops – Using a trailing stop loss allows you to set a minimum profit. It follows the movement of a trade by a set number of pips.
  • Trading Volatility Stops – Used in conjuntion with a volatility indicator such as the ATR (Average True Range).
  • Account Equity Stops – Controls how much of your account equity you want to risk and protect.
  • Swing Highs and Swing Lows – Stops and Take Profits that are based on recent highs or lows.
  • Account Margin Check – Suspends trading if your margin exceeds a specified range.
  • Large Currency Spread – Suspend trading if the current spread exceeds a maximum spread setting.
  • Execute on New Bar – The expert advisor will run once on the opening of a new bar.
  • Multiple Expert Advisors – Allows an expert advisor to run on more than one chart at the same time.
  • Trading Daily Timers – Set a time period for trading. Useful when you only want to trade the US, Asian, or UK sessions.
  • Trading Period Timers – Set a time period so that you are not trading during news reports or particular days of the week.
  • Trade History – Logs the trading history of an EA to a file so that it can be used to evaluate performance.