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Sphantom was created by a group of talented traders that wanted to bring a fully automated solutions to the market, expert advisor that was created through years of experience and is offers to let beginners and experts trade automatically, this expert advisor is a great solution that should be considered when choosing automated trading software.

List of 5 features worth mention:

1. Verified fxbook account with verified data streams
2. Mathematically high success rates – using sophisticated algorithms to maximize profit and minimize losses.
3. Operated on ECN and none ECN accounts
4. Professional support and free update for life
5. Long backtest records and testing

Why you should consider using this EA

Sphantom was made for the sole purpose of maximizing profit for automated trading and minimize losses, the backtesting done to this expert advisor proves its abilities, it uses special protective system to prevent losses in case of drawdowns, there are update for signals done by the team, so the expert advisor’s stays up to date with all the right indicators and signals, it has a mathematical probability mechanism which allows the expert advisor’s to detected any market movement and adjust itself.

Main features of this EA

One of the main features of this expert advisor is the capability to adjust to any market movement, this feature is a feature done by many expert advisor’s to ensure that in times of drawdowns the losses will be kept to a minimum, it helps the expert advisor to predict and adjust to the market as it constantly changes, another good feature for this expert advisor is the ability to use it on an ECN or none ECN accounts, and the fact you can use it almost on all the pairs you are trading on.

Live verified Data

Final conclusion by the mtprogramming team

our experience with sphantom was great, the support team giving very good service, the expert advisor’s data is verified, it is very easy to use for trading and it has to beone of the good expert advisor’s out there, if you are now beginning to trade or even if you’re a professional we suggest you give this one a try.

Sphantom - Automatic trade

Sphantom review by mtprogramming team

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