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ThinkorSwim is the trading platform of TD Ameritrade international brokerage.

ThinkorSwim Trading Platform

When it comes to automated trading, most traders are searching for programs or robots compatible with their trading platform. Various trading platforms are there and one of them is the ThinkorSwim trading platform. Due to the exciting features of this trading platform, many traders are being attracted to this platform. Today we will talk about its features and how to automate trading on ThinkorSwim

If you are using this platform for a long time, then you may know that there are different programming languages or coding scripts used by traders to develop trading robots for this platform. There is no way to enable automated trading if you don’t outsource it to this platform. So it is important to know how automated trading works on this platform and how you can avail of automated trading and its exciting features. 

ThinkorSwim Automated Trading Programming

If you are new to the trading world then you may listen to many myths about automated trading on ThinkorSwim. Many traders or experts will tell you that it is not easy to do automated trading programming on this platform. They will tell you that if you want to use any trading robot on this platform then you are required to generate expert advisors on your own. 

You will have to write codes manually. Is it true that you have to write code yourself to develop an expert advisor for ThinkorSwim? Well, coding is indeed required on this platform, but it is not compulsory to know the coding on your own. Because bespoke expert advisor developers available on that caters to your every requirement. Let the expert engineers who know how to develop trading bots for ThinkorSwim or other platforms. 

ThinkorSwim programming language

So if coding is important to develop bots for this platform, then which programming language is used on ThinkorSwim? This platform has its scripting language known as Thinkscript language. No other programming language can be used to develop trading bots for this platform. 

Don’t worry, because you don’t have to learn this programming language to trade automatically on this platform. Service providers like are always there with expert engineers. 

The specialty of these engineers is that they have coding experience in thinkscript programming language and they do have trading experience on the ThinkorSwim platform too. From coding to outsourcing the bots with this platform, everything will be done by the engineer itself. As a trader, you just have to implement your trading strategies in it. 

ThinkorSwim Market Profile TPO

Algorithmic trading is very important these days of electronic trading. Every trader wants to use specific trading algorithms in his/her trading to get more profit. Similarly, if you are trading with the ThinkorSwim platform then you may want to add various algorithms. Now to use algorithms you have to read market profile TPO. 

TPO which stands for a time price opportunity is a profile of a trading market that represents the activity of trading. This trading activity is mentioned with a strong concern with specific price levels and in a specific timeframe. So various components and factors are there in the TPO market profile. All of these components are important to read while developing an expert advisor.