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Free Downloads – Expert Advisors and Indicators

These downloads consist of Free Metatrader MT4 and MT5 Expert advisors and Indicators which can be used with the MetaTrader Platform to further enhance your currency trading. Free Forex Trading eBooks, MetaTrader Expert Advisors, Indicators, and Scripts Traders utilizing these Free Downloads do so at their own risk. Care should be taken to understand the […]

Risk Disclaimer

U.S. Government Required Risk Disclaimer – Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. […]

MetaTrader Commercial Quality Backtesting History Tick Data

It is very important to backtest your Expert Advisors using data with a quality as high as possible. The Metatrader strategy tester simply does not provide the high quality tick data that is needed to run an accurate backtest. High Quality Commercial Tick Data for MetaTrader! Soon MTProgramming we will be offering downloadable commercial quality […]

Coppock Guide (Coppock curve) and its uses in trading

The coppock Formula was made by Edwin Sedgwick coppock and used to recognize major bottoms in the stock markets. After every extreme bottom combined with several other indicators you get a strong signal of change of direction, this is done by looking at the curves to recognize if there is a sell signal or a […]

Ease of Movement Definition and strategy uses

Ease of movement is a momentum indicator that shows the connection between the rate of price change of an asset and its volume. This indicator tries to determine the amount of volume required in order to move prices. A value greater then Zero usually means that the stock is being bought, and a high positive […]

Volume the definition and how to use it to spot trends

Volume is the number of contracts/shares traded in a market/security during a specific time period. Volume is a way to measure activity of shares that trade hands from sellers to buyers. Volume is a key factor in technical analysis and measurement of market move. Big changes is a market price will always be due to […]

Equivolume definition and strategy uses in automatic trading

Equivolume is a chart that comperes price and volume. On the chart, the height of each bar represents the “high” and “low” while the width of the bar represents the volume, over a specific time period.uivolume in algo-trading (With Expert advisor) Equivolume charts are an excellent tool for analysis changes in volume. An EA that […]

Momentum and its uses in trading

Momentum refers to the rate of acceleration of a price. Momentum is to assume that the price of a security is more likely to stay on its course rather than to change direction. Momentum also helps identifying trendlines in technical analysis. Momentum traders use the momentum of a stock’s price in order to take long […]

Parabolic SAR definition and uses in trading

This is a form of technical analysis which allows you to determine good exit and entry points to trade. It does so by trailing Stop And Reverse (SAR). In trading it is important to know when it’s a good time to enter and when it is a good time to exit or not to enter, […]

Price Rate of Change (ROC)

Price ROC is a technical indicator that measures the percentage change between the most recent price and the price in a specific period (“n”) in the past. Price ROC is used to measure the rate of change or the the strength of momentum of change. Traders often use price ROC to indicate upward or downward […]