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Local trade copier

Local trade copier is one of the most useful solutions for account managers and retailer traders. It is a pair of expert advisors which copy market and pending orders between multiple MT4 accounts at real time when they are located at the same computer or VPS. The MTC give many options and filters. And copy trades in all scenarios, one to one, one to many, many to one and many to many.

Our local trade copier software can filter trades by global variations and indicators; you may also set it to filter trades during specified time ranges which are easy to create on a currency table by drawing a rectangle shape.

Latest Updates for Local Trade Copier Features

The software is designed to work on MT4 / MT5 accounts and can be used in any Forex broker or any MT4 / MT 5 account currency pair.

The Local trade copier software allows you to copy trades from one MT4 / MT5 platform to another the moment they happen. You can duplicate any number of masters accounts to any number of customer accounts which allows you to become a better account manager.  The MTC has a reverse trading method which will simply amaze you,  you can connect multiple master accounts, apply trade filters and pass remaining trades to costumer’s accounts.

Trade copier software enable your account managements

For account managers the trade copier software is a must have tool to run the business. In case you are using PAMM accounts than the software is not a better solutions but it allows you to choose and not be locked on one broker alone, the trade copier will copy between different brokers, different account type and gives you the freedom to manage account to anyone that has MT4 account.

For retailer traders that access account via investor password, you can copy the trades from you investor MT4 account to your own master account to get the same trading results.  The server EA does not login directly to the MT4, you can run your provider’s master account on your own computer or VPS server in a ‘read-only’ mode using the investor password and receive the trades.

Retailer Forex traders can use out MT4 trade copier if they come across a losing system or forex robot. You can use the reverse trading mode and trade in the opposite direction than the master account, making it possible for you to make a losing SELL on the master account into a profitable BUY on the slave account and vice versa

Reverse trading methods can be also used for customer’s accounts.

With this trade copier software you can copy any number of MT4 accounts to any forex broker, any account sizes or types, which makes it much more easier for you to focus on trading only on your masters accounts, The MTC will copy trades 24\5 on your computer or VPS, Do not bother yourself with re calculating lot size for the slave account the MTC does it all automatically and adjust itself according to the risk management on the master account, this is done individually for all the slave accounts. The MTC features will make you a better and professional account manager.

The Best Trade Copier Software

The MTC copies trades from one account (the master account) to another account (slave account), this can be done on multiple master accounts to multiple slave accounts, and with our software it is done completely automatically, the number of accounts you are allowed to copy from and to depends on the license type you chose, you will require to attach to EA’s to your master and slave account upon installation, we recommend you to use a VPS server so the trade copier will not be interrupted, it will copy orders 24/5 as long as it is online, you may find VPS servers that are good for the MTC here –

The moment you attached a master account to the MTC software it will copy any trades that are made to the slave account as soon as they are made, the application will monitor any new and upcoming trades as they are made, any modifications as well. All trade settings such as stop value, take profit and trade expiry are copied immediately and monitored every second.

The Local trade copier can only copy trades between accounts on the same computer or VPS, it can be used on different terminals that are on the same server, the number of terminals is determined by your hardware limits and features, you can simply add more VPS servers or computers. You can run the same MT4 master terminal (the account that feeds the slave accounts the trades) as many times as you want using an investor (read-only) password.

The EA has multiple money-management options, which makes it easy to follow the same risk for trade settings or even adjust the risk to fit your needs. Do not worry about the differences between master and slave accounts because the EA will choose for trade the same risk amount for all accounts, you have the freedom to choose a fixed price or even put more or less in the risk value.

If your account has non-standard currency pair names such as symbols the MTC handles it very easily, simply storing the symbols in a file and converting them to the right names and values.

MTC has a lot of other features that are described in more detail in the instruction manual.